We produce a complete assortment of blasting machines and blasting wheels

We have delivered our machines to 27 countries,
we have covered almost the whole of Europe.

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Blasting equipment, impeller wheels,dust filtration

The company OTECO CZ, spol. s r.o. was founded in 1992, as a manufacturer for the Austrian company OTECO GmbH Wien with a long tradition in the shot blasting business. We manufacture a complete assortment of blasting machines and facilities in our factory in Bučovice. Our products have been delivered to 27 countries all around the world. We have covered most of Europe. Our machines have been sold in Asia (Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia) where we also supplied blasters for oil pipelines. In Africa we have sold machines in Egypt and Algeria. We have become specialists for engineering shot peening machinery, fully automatic machines for blasting pans and MAXIMA continuous roller track machines. In 2006, we stood at the birth of the association "Sdružení českých povrchových úprav" (czech surface finishes) as one of the founding members.

Compressed air equipment:

  • cabins (injector, pressure)
  • complete blasting sets
  • blasting chambers for blasting iron, stainless steel and aluminum pieces
  • EKOLOG standalone shot purification unit

Wheel blasting machines:

  • SMART tumblast system machines
  • OPTIMA hanger type machines with different track types
  • MAXIMA continuous blasting machines with a variety of conveyor tracks - (rolling track, rubber track, wire belt, etc.)
  • continuous hanger type machines with DIAMANT overhead track - for shot blasting long parts - suitable for inclusion in production lines
  • special shot blasting machines tailored to your needs
  • machines for surface hardening - shoot peening
  • equipment with a wreath of blasting wheels for shot blasting newly made and renovated old locomotives, railway cars, buses, trolleybuses, trams or subway cars

Other devices:

  • automatic JET filters for filtering all dry impurities
  • devices for the transport and cleaning of abrasive
  • loading and additional mechanisms for blasting machines

For the production of these machines we use impeller wheels of our own design. These can be installed in the machines of other suppliers as well.

The company currently has about 50 employees. They provide the complete planning, production, trade, service and delivery of replacement parts for the above-mentioned assortment of blasting equipment.

Eight designers try to meet every wish of the customer. We have three meeting rooms where these wishes can be discussed and handled in a pleasant environment.

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64 th International Engineering Fair.

In the days from 10th to 13rd of October we will be taking part on the 64 th International Engineering Fair in Brno.

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