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EKOLOG independent abrasive cleaning unit

The economical use of a blasting device for free blasting requires recycling of the abrasive. This abrasive is polluted during the blasting process and must be cleaned before reuse. It results in a much higher blasting efficiency, also the surface quality after blasting is incomparably better. If we avoid its escape, the lifetime of the abrasive thus cleaned is very long. The cost savings compared to using single use abrasive are so great that the investment cost of acquiring the cleaning device will return within a short time. Another advantage of this device is, should the decision be made to build a complete blast room, EKOLOG can be used as part of it, reducing costs.

The only prerequisite for the use of the EKOLOG cleaning device is transporting the polluted abrasive to the collecting funnel of the elevator. The pressure vessel of the blasting kit can be placed under the EKOLOG abrasive reservoir or the cleaned abrasive can be transported to the blast pot at the blasting site using a container.

The main advantage of the EKOLOG cleaning device compared to standard abrasive cleaning equipment is that its operation is fully independent of all other parts of the blasting equipment. This means that by connecting the device to the electrical network and a compressed air supply it is ready to be used, there is no need to be connected to another filter. The built-in filter is designed to provide perfect cleaning of the abrasive. The dust content level of the output air allows it to be placed in normal operating areas in accordance with applicable Czech Environmental Inspectorate and hygienic regulations.

The operation of the device is fully automatic after the feeding of the contaminated abrasive into the elevator entrance. It passes the device and is cleaned in the process. The impurities are separated into the plastic bag at the outlet of the separator (coarse impurities) and in the filter collecting vessel. The cleaned abrasive falls into the reservoir. Whenever the blasting process is interrupted by releasing the safety lever on the pressure blasting kit, it is automatically added to the blast pot. Gross waste that could endanger the proper operation of the plant is separated before entering the elevator using a sieve.

The electrical and pneumatic equipment is part of the delivery and enables safe machine operation after proper connection to power source.

Main parts of EKOLOG

  • support frame made of steel profiles
  • elevator
  • abrasive cleaner
  • silo
  • filter with fan
  • electric cabinet
  • pneumatic cabinet

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