We produce a complete assortment of blasting machines and blasting wheels

We have delivered our machines to 27 countries,
we have covered almost the whole of Europe.

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Special wheel blasting machines

These machines are designed and manufactured specially according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

As examples we present the following special purpose machines:

  • Automatic suspension blasting device for blasting gas cylinders during their continuous movement on a closed path.
  • Continuous blasting device with conveyor belt made of perforated rubber. It is used for parts that have to be blasted only from the top — stones, tiles etc.
  • Continuous blasting device with a conveyor of wire belt for blasting medium-sized parts without the possibility of hanging.
  • Continuous blasting device for blasting solids of revolution of various sizes. The movement and rotation is ensured by a special traction mechanism with cylinders.
  • Wire blasting device with automatic winding mechanism.
  • Continuous devices with DIAMANT suspension track for cleaning long parts.
  • Devices with a wreath of blasting wheels for cleaning locomotives, railway wagons, buses, trolleybuses, trams and metro wagons.
  • Complete lines for conservation.
  • Devices for surface hardening - shoot peening.
  • Continuous shot blasting machine with an oval track.
  • Fully automated "Power and Free" tracks.

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61st International Engineering Fair September 24 2019

In the days from 7th to 11th of October we will be taking part on the 61st International Engineering Fair in Brno.

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Factory holiday June 18 2019

From 29.7. to 9.8. we have a factory holiday.

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ReMaTec 2019 Amsterdam June 18 2019

From the 23th to the 25th of June we will be taking part on the ReMaTec 2019 trading fair in Amsterdam, Holland.

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